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Featured on Vulture's Best Podcasts of 2022

"It’s a uniquely weird and tiny thing, and pretty much perfect. "

— Nick Quah, 1.5x Speed

"Frog of the Week isn't just information about frogs, it's like a nice little hug. Against a backdrop of velvety, almost psychedelic music, facts, cute little jokes and funny little frog sounds are mixed into an aural fact sheet like no other. "

— Patrik Syk, Aftonbladet

"Kermit claimed it wasn’t easy being green but this little podcast could certainly add a bit of colour to the dreariest day."

— Belle Taylor and Jay Hanna,
The West Australian

"I absolutely adore Frog of the Week, which offers three-minute episodes doing exactly what it says on the box. I could listen to a thousand of these."

— Nick Quah, Vulture

"It’s also hilarious — frog facts are peppered with out-of-context, almost dadaist observations [...] It’s three minutes of pure joy every week."

— George Fenwick, Stuff

"Frogs?! 😆Nicely done! Loved them 👍"

— Anthony Sr.